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Denise Rivera


Denise Rivera believes in giving her all to help each and every one of her clients achieve the ultimate
American dream of owning the place they will call Home. Coming from a single parent household she
firsthand acknowledges and appreciates the hard work and the sacrifices one has to go through to be
able to invest in themselves and their families. Whether it’s their first time exploring the market or
having to decide where to start a new chapter, she is confident that with her help each and every one of
her clients will find what they’re looking for. She will become your new best friend. She has a great
ability to not only listen, but also comprehends the importance delivering great customer service based
on all individual needs.  What is most appreciated about her is her patience, low pressure approach and
commitment from the beginning to post closing of the transaction.
Denise has extensive real estate legal knowledge and has been working under an amazing Real Estate
attorney for the last five and a half years. Her business is built on Diligence, Compassion, Integrity and
full transparency. Thanks to his guidance, she has learned the importance of making make sure her
clients have a smooth transaction and are protected throughout the process.
In her spare time, she enjoys focusing on herself, doing a lot of community service, helping the
individuals through her Immigration Assistance Program, as an accredited Immigration specialist with
the State of New Jersey, Baking and decorating for events, playing volleyball at the gym, or best of all
spending time with her family and friends.

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